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Londoners are taking action every day to reduce waste, save energy and help the environment. We are half way through London's Community Energy Action Plan (CEAP) and are seeing great results! Check out the CEAP: It's All Up in the Air video above to see what we’ve all accomplished so far and what else we can do.

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Right now, as part of our CityGreen - How do you 'Go Green'? - Contest, earn five entry ballots into the grand prize draw to win trees, composters, or even London Knights tickets by submitting your story that describes the environmental action you will be taking to 'Go Green'.


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The Difference Was Clear

A Story About Building Improvements

Map for The Difference Was Clear
Written by adamcaplan18 1 month ago

Some time ago, my office installed new windows, with the help of a Downtown London facade improvement grant. While it was difficult to part with the beautiful patina in the half-century-old glass, I also recognized we were losing tremendous amounts of heat in the winter, and that our AC was working very hard - too hard - in the summer.

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A Story About Reducing Waste

Written by Laddkristin@gmail.com 1 month ago

I used to think that my family did a fairly good job at reducing waste in our household. We like to recycle, and we do our best with water and energy consumption.

Recently, my oldest child started kindergarten. It wasn’t until I began packing her lunches for school that I realized how many single use plastic products we actually used (plastic bags, plastic wrap, etc).

Now, we strive very hard to eliminate these products from our lives.

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Just some healty stuff we have been doing for a long time.

A Story About Home Improvements

Map for Just some healty stuff we have been doing for a long time.
Kethes Selvadurai's picture
Written by Kethes Selvadurai 1 month ago

Hi, my name is Avishan Ketheswaran. I am 11. I live in 325 Lighthouse Rd. There are four members of my family my little sister, My mom, my dad and of course me and we care about the earth a lot. .

We only use light when it is dark and not in the daytime. If we are in one room then the light is not on in the other rooms. To save energy we use the clothesline to dry his clothes instead of drier in the summer. We don’t charge stuff when we sleep.

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My Ways of Reducing Environmental Impact

A Story About Reducing Waste

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Andrena McElroy Sr.'s picture
Written by Andrena McElroy Sr. 1 month ago

- I block the vents in bedrooms that are not being used and keep the doors closed so air conditioning or heating won't be overused. In summer the thermostat is set at 23 degrees and winter is 19.
- I only run the dishwasher when it is full and I only do laundry on the weekends.
- I use plastic food containers like peanut butter for buttons, screws and any other small things.
-I am gradually changing over all the bulbs in my home to more efficient LEDs.

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