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Londoners are taking action every day to reduce waste, save energy and help the environment. We are half way through London's Community Energy Action Plan (CEAP) and are seeing great results! Check out the CEAP: It's All Up in the Air video above to see what we’ve all accomplished so far and what else we can do.

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Getting Engaged with Climate Action

A Story About Education & Awareness

Mary Ann Hodge's picture
Written by Mary Ann Hodge 7 months ago

The Climate Crisis often seems so overwhelming - what can we possibly do that will make a difference in this global problem? Some people say to leave it to the politicians and the business sector to sort it out. There is a growing movement of people who believe that if we all do something, collectively it will make a difference.

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Eating for the Planet

A Story About Education & Awareness

Map for Eating for the Planet
Mary Ann Hodge's picture
Written by Mary Ann Hodge 7 months ago

I have known for a long time now that eating vegetarian was better for the planet, but changing my eating habits seemed so hard. I decided to just focus on one meal a week. I started putting crushed black beans on my pizza on Friday nights - and just loved it. (made with salsa, onions, spinach, spiced with cumin and chili powder).

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Deck Renovation

A Story About Building Improvements

Map for Deck Renovation
Written by Sheri Cowan 1 year ago

This year, instead of ripping up our partially rotten deck, we cleaned it and coated it with a deck repair paint. It will now give us a few more good years and will keep all the deck wood out of landfill. Saved us money too.

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Curbside EV Charging Pilot Project

A Story About Fuel-efficient Vehicles

Map for Curbside EV Charging Pilot Project
Written by Jamie Skimming 2 years ago

This is one of three curbside EV charging stations installed by London Hydro in partnership with Natural Resources Canada, FLO, and the City of London.

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