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Londoners are taking action every day to reduce waste, save energy and help the environment. We are half way through London's Community Energy Action Plan (CEAP) and are seeing great results! Check out the CEAP: It's All Up in the Air video above to see what we’ve all accomplished so far and what else we can do.

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Recycling Matters

A Story About Reducing Waste

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Written by The Douglas Family 2 months ago

We are a family of 4 and are proud to only have 1/2 of a green garbage bag of waste on garbage day.

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New Home, New Outlook

A Story About Reducing Waste

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Written by pamlupa@gmail.com 6 months ago

I just bought a new home. While I was fully aware of my water, garbage, and hydro habits when I was living at home, I didn't pay the bills so I kind of just used it all. I took long showers, left lights on, and tended not to recycle. Now that I own a home, I completely recognize the error of my ways. Saving money is a great impetus towards better environmental practices. So, now I recycle constantly, use energy in off-peak hours, and take shorter showers (well, that one I'm still working on). All in all, I'm on my way to being better.

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Less paper and ******* waste

A Story About Reducing Waste

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Written by 1HJSH1 6 months ago

In the last year, we have made a concerted effort to use less paper and plastic waste. We have purchased a a set of silicone food covers and a Norwex envirocloth to use with our reusable lettuce bag instead of paper towels. We have purchased beeswax reusable food wraps to use alongside our reusable snack bag instead of buying plastic wrap and bags. We reuse water bottles. To clean, we use Enjo products as much as possible. We are a composting household. We must be kinder to the environment.

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Don't Throw It Away...

A Story About Reducing Waste

Written by Pup2009 6 months ago

Recycling is important to me and my family.We are careful to purchase our groceries in recyclable packaging,to ensure less garbage on the curb!We use re-usable cloth bags,or no bags at all.Monthly donations of our used clothing and housewares are made to the Diabetes Association.Our car is used only when necessary.We walk whenever possible.During the winter months,we keep our thermastat low,and just put on an extra sweater.

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