About CityGreen Stories

CityGreen Stories is the new name for the City of London's old Reduce Impact web initiative to facilitate the sharing of environmental actions taken by Londoners. We chose the new name for two reasons - "CityGreen" is the name the City uses for its environmental outreach acitivies, and telling "Stories" is what this website is all about!

What kind of stories are we looking for? Here are some examples:

  • Walking or biking to work
  • Replacing an old gas guzzler with a fuel efficient car
  • Drying your clothes with a clothesline
  • Renovating an old home or building with energy-saving features
  • Building a “green” home or building
  • Making use of free heat and free light
  • Using London Transit instead of driving
  • Reducing waste
  • Buying local – whether that’s food and other products
  • Using renewable energy
  • Using cool new “apps” to track and save energy and water use

What are we going to do with this info?

The City will use this information to support London’s Community Energy Action Plan, as the actions taken by you may inspire other Londoners to reduce their energy.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact us at ecotips[at]london[dot]ca