Eating for the Planet

A Story About Education & Awareness

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Written by Mary Ann Hodge

I have known for a long time now that eating vegetarian was better for the planet, but changing my eating habits seemed so hard. I decided to just focus on one meal a week. I started putting crushed black beans on my pizza on Friday nights - and just loved it. (made with salsa, onions, spinach, spiced with cumin and chili powder).

It took probably 2 yrs before I took the next step. I now make sure that I always have a supply of black beans and chick peas on hand so that when I am making a stir fry - instead of tossing in chicken or beef - in go the beans. So easy! Now I am at about 5 meals/week, and it has been relatively painless.

Step 3 is to add to my list of go-to recipes.

tip: I cook up a large batch of beans on the weekends and freeze them in small batches.