Just some healty stuff we have been doing for a long time.

A Story About Home Improvements

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Written by Kethes Selvadurai

Hi, my name is Avishan Ketheswaran. I am 11. I live in 325 Lighthouse Rd. There are four members of my family my little sister, My mom, my dad and of course me and we care about the earth a lot. .

We only use light when it is dark and not in the daytime. If we are in one room then the light is not on in the other rooms. To save energy we use the clothesline to dry his clothes instead of drier in the summer. We don’t charge stuff when we sleep.

When we go to the store, we use reusable bags, not plastic. We try to save paper by using both sides of paper. So, we don’t waste a lot of paper. We give toys when we are done with it for good like baby toys. Some of my clothes handed me down clothes from my cousins. The plastic bags we have we use for garbage cans.

325 Lighthouse Rd.