Living off the Land

A Story About Gardening

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Written by Mallory Austin

We bought our first house in Old South last winter. Neither of us have had a yard before and were excited to try out a little bit of vegetable gardening... with no expectations!

Little did we know that digging up a small 12x6 patch of grass and planting a bunch of seeds from the library would keep us in fresh produce for the whole summer!

We've had an endless supply of tomato, zucchini, kale, basil, tomatoes and hot peppers. The time saved at the grocery store has far negated the amount of time it took to dig, plant and water this garden. We also saved so much money (great for first time home owners) and enjoyed fresh produce at almost every meal.

We feel great sparing the environment from the transportation and packaging of food we could grow 10 feet away from our kitchen.

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