Move from Singapore to London Ontario

A Story About Reducing Waste

Written by DTerner

Hi. We moved to London, Ontario from Singapore last August, with our 2 daughters. From an island of rampant unchecked consumerism to Ontario was the move we desired for our whole family, so we set on courses of action to reduce our carbon footprint and become more "eco-friendly". My wife got a composter, and she composts all the organic waste we used to throw out. I stopped buying Gatorade in plastic bottles (I used to buy them by the case) and now use the Gatorade powder, and recycle the tins. We planted a pollinator-friendly garden and had tons of bees and butterflies. We grow our own cucumbers (in our back garden) and have plans on making next summer a butterfly attractor in front, and a veggie garden in back.

Jasmine, 51