Small Changes Add Up to a Big Difference

A Story About Low-impact Landscaping

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Written by Cindy Cor

I'm a huge fan of active transportation - biking or walking virtually everywhere. My husband and I got ourselves a smart thermostat, replaced incandescent bulbs with led lights, ensured we got Energy Star appliances when we needed new ones, and energy efficient windows.
We recycle and compost, minimizing water hungry grass in the yard and replacing it with low water native species, which also attract pollinators.
It's amazing how the right species in your garden change the wildlife there! We use a rain barrel to collect water for garden watering needs, buy used when possible and from sustainable sources when not, donate usable items rather than sending to landfill, and avoid single use plastics. That's off the top of my head. I'm sure there are more ways we work to be green!

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