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We try our best....

A Story About Home Improvements

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Iwona Reed's picture
Written by Iwona Reed 2 years ago

We really try our best to be environmentally conscious in our home. We buy local produce & bring it home in reusable bags. We try not to package our produce into clear plastic bags. We make sure that we buy just enough food & always use up our leftovers, so there is little to no food waste. Our daughter has a lunch box that is reusable, including a reusable water bottle that she takes to school daily. We use a filter in our home, which means that there are no water bottles coming in/out.

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A Story About Reducing Waste

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Sue Kirkpatrick's picture
Written by Sue Kirkpatrick 2 years ago

What does one do when you live in a condo and the rules don’t allow composters in the back. Well you research how to compost with worms. It is fabulous and easy to do right in my basement! And the kids in the neighbourhood are fascinated with my worms!
Thanks for reading

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Waste Not

A Story About Reducing Waste

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Brad Petovello's picture
Written by Brad Petovello 2 years ago

I reduce waste in lots of ways.

I compost all organic waste, including fruits, vegetables, coffee grinds etc. This makes a big difference in what goes to the curb every week.

I avoid buying fast food, as a lot of waste is made through packaging and presentation.

Buying local generally involves less packaging than at a grocery store.

Avoiding unnecessary purchases is a great way to reduce waste.

I commute to work and school by bike and bus, reducing emissions.

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Off to a good start

A Story About Reducing Waste

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Tara Piper's picture
Written by Tara Piper 2 years ago

We have almost gotten our family down to no straws, no plastic water bottles and we use environmentally friendly detergent and cleaning products. Also we have a great friend who introduced us to Norwex products and they are amazing and reusable!!

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Environmental Education in Action

A Story About Education & Awareness

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Katherine Krige's picture
Written by Katherine Krige 2 years ago

While action is key, education is a huge part of environmental protection. Not only am I active on social media for small business clients, but I also promote environmental awareness on my own pages too. I let friends know about tree giveaways and share event pages for community cleanups. Want to know more about native trees and plants that grow in our area? I have written many articles about them. Plus, I share ways to reduce plastic use, and local places to purchase reusable items. You can't help if you don't know how.

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Reducing my personal carbon footprint

A Story About Education & Awareness

Written by rsegal2 2 years ago

It all started in highschool.
I went vegetarian for a month to test how well my body could adapt to a low-carbon diet. I enjoyed it, and eventually transitioned to veganism (for environmental protection). I am not fully vegan but I eat very minimal foods that emit high amounts of carbon to produce such as meats and dairy.

I only invest in "socially conscious & green" ETF's. All my investments are based on finding companies and funds that produce medium-high returns with little to no carbon footprint.

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A Story About Green Purchasing

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Kafa Kilane's picture
Written by Kafa Kilane 2 years ago

Walking and using public transportation
No air condition I open windows
Using dishwasher and oven after 7 pm ,
Stopped smoking , don’t use bottled water ,
Using newspaper to clean windows and mirrors ,
I take my bags for the grocery , donate clothes and things monthly to Goodwill ,
And i make at weekends some cakes and cupcakes and let my son and daughter to give it for kids and families at the park

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The Hidden *******

A Story About Reducing Waste

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Adam Chapman's picture
Written by Adam Chapman 2 years ago

Starting a a few years ago, my partner and I, examined the little plastics we were constantly throwing out. After a few months we realized groceries and our lunches were creating almost 60 pieces of plastic per week for two people, most of which was plastic bags and wrappers.

We hopped on Amazon to see what we could find. Our best reusable purchases have been some mesh bags for grocery shopping and buying the small (125ml) Bernadin jars for snacks in lunches. We also made sure we used our Bin Shopping Bins more.

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eco ride

A Story About Biking

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Rob Peckham's picture
Written by Rob Peckham 2 years ago

I decided to try to change my foot print on getting to work. The only way possible to me that was efficient was to get ang to ECO friendly Electric Bicycle...... Leaving absolutely no Green House Gasses to make the air polluted I ride like the wind to and from work with ease, Now i go everywhere with the bike to the store, work, Mall, and even out for a nice ride across the park system of London. With that in mind it even has me losing weight with all the riding i am doing.....My Blood Sugar is lower and I feel Great.

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Birds and Butterflies

A Story About Gardening

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Written by SoHo 2 years ago

As a renter, I am unable to do much with the home I live in. I do recycle everything I can. The one thing that has become my passion is our birds and butterflies. I plant perennials that they love, including the butterfly weed attracting many butterflies. This year has been exceptional. I had five monarch caterpillars and am waiting for them to become butterflies. I plant tons of cone flowers for the birds, and also have several bird baths. I dont spray anything! Yes, the skunks dig up my front lawn looking for grubs, but thats okay.

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