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Monitoring the electricity used

A Story About Education & Awareness

Map for Monitoring the electricity used
Ben Dawson's picture
Written by Ben Dawson 6 years ago

My kids and I are going to monitor the daily/hourly hydro usage so that we have a better idea what activities we do around the house that consume the most energy on a day-to-day basis including leaving lights on, doing laundry etc.

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Walk, Bike, Bus everywhere you can!

A Story About Walking

Map for Walk, Bike, Bus everywhere you can!
Andrea Meeks's picture
Written by Andrea Meeks 6 years ago

As a single university grad, when I moved to London it was important to me to pick an apartment that was both in a quiet residential neighbourhood as well as in a convenient location for walking/biking to errands/work and on multiple convenient bus routes for everything else. I live a 20 minute walk to downtown, and often walk to both Covent and Western Fair Farmers Markets to do fresh grocery shopping, as well as to the library, volunteer, yoga, and work, etc. Not only does walking, biking, and busing save me a ton of money, but most importantly it reduces my carbon footprint!

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Find out where you can reduce power usage

A Story About Home Improvements

Jerry Chappell's picture
Written by Jerry Chappell 6 years ago

At the London Public Library you can check out a device that goes between your device and the wall, and tells you how much power is being drawn. Do this on a number of devices in your home to determine when & how much power is being used. Use this information wisely to reduce your electricity usage & times.

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A Story About Reducing Waste

Map for Cheers!
Written by tconlon 6 years ago

The vast amount of resources associated with bottled water production and distribution in North America is outrageous to me...

Instead I drink cheap, clean, safe tap water from our municipal supply and spare the waste as well as burden to our recycling systems and landfills.

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getting new windows this spring and a summer rain barrel project!

A Story About Gardening

Map for getting new windows this spring and a summer rain barrel project!
Written by cookpam 6 years ago

New windows this spring and a rain barrel project for this summer!

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Doing Laundry in the Evening

A Story About Home Improvements

Callandra Dendias-Peter's picture
Written by Callandra Dendias-Peter 6 years ago

We started doing our family's laundry at night so it keeps energy on the grid during higher demand times and it saves us money.

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Bought a Nest thermostat

A Story About Building Improvements

Jeff Andrew Peter's picture
Written by Jeff Andrew Peter 6 years ago

Bought a nest thermostat and am saving, on average, $0.40 a day on my energy costs! It saves up to about $12 a months or almost $150 a year!

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Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent

A Story About Green Purchasing

Map for Homemade Liquid Laundry Detergent
Nadine Reeves's picture
Written by Nadine Reeves 6 years ago

I make my own liquid laundry detergent using liquid castile soap, sea salt and essential oils. Here's the recipe -

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Reducing Energy Usage with Data Analytics

A Story About Home Improvements

Map for Reducing Energy Usage with Data Analytics
Nick Scott's picture
Written by Nick Scott 6 years ago

As a Software Developer I've used my professional background to track and improve my energy usage. Letting as much light in during cold sunny days, and only using major appliances during off-peak periods helps me reduce my energy use and costs.

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Work from home

A Story About Education & Awareness

Map for Work from home
Written by michel.chartrand 6 years ago

Working from home reduces the need to travel to/from work

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