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A Story About Gardening

Map for garden
Written by Mackenzie Howson 6 years ago

My husband + I plant a garden every spring. We use rain barrels to water the garden, + compost yard + food waste. We can + jar surplus veggies so we can enjoy them all year round. It's so satisfying to see seedlings start to grow + to enjoy the food we've grown!

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Don't Recycle That!

A Story About Reducing Waste

Map for Don't Recycle That!
Written by moore.avery 6 years ago

I have always been a strong proponent of recycling, but recently... I've been trying to reuse instead. I am a reporter, so I end up using a lot of lined paper. I burn through notebooks like you wouldn't believe! But recently, as I found myself recycling another stack of news releases, agendas and research print-outs, I had an idea. Now I save the paper, cut it in half, staple it together and use the blank side for all my notes. I will never recycle a piece of paper again without using both sides.... nor will I buy a notebook.

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Commute to work

A Story About Busing

Map for Commute to work
Written by anneyantha 6 years ago

I take London transit to work, and walk home when I can. If I can't wait, I either use LTC again, or I carpool!

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I Carpool

A Story About Carpooling

Map for I Carpool
Written by ehelm 6 years ago

I have been carpooling to work for 10 years! Not only are the fuel and expensive downtown parking costs shared, but the conversation is quite enjoyable too :)

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Water Saver

A Story About Gardening

Map for Water Saver
Written by missgulch 6 years ago

We have a dehumidifier in our basement that must be emptied daily in the summer. We take the water upstairs and outside and it helps to water our plants and garden in the hot summer rather than just pour the water down the drain.

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Insulate, insulate, insulate

A Story About Home Improvements

Map for Insulate, insulate, insulate
Written by sassgabor 6 years ago

Added upto 7 inches of foam insulation in 100+ year old house.
Reduced natural gas usage by 70%.
Paid for by EcoEnergy program

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Stop using clothes dryer

A Story About Renewable Energy

Written by Keleydt 6 years ago

Save money and environment! Hang laundry to dry all year with drying rack, even in small apt. Hang in evening over heat register, will dry as you sleep. Folds flat so easy to store. Put on balcony in summer. Home owners can install umbrella or standard clothesline, or set drying rack outside as I do. On sunny, breezy day clothes will dry in a few hours. Sunlight is also a natural disinfectant.
Hanging one load of washing takes about 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes of your time! Such a minuscule effort, and you reduce impact on the environment AND save money. It's a win-win!

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Western's Residence Energy Challenge: Rez Powers Down

A Story About Education & Awareness

Map for Western's Residence Energy Challenge: Rez Powers Down
Written by Western University 6 years ago

Students within Western's 9 residences participate annually in an energy conservation challenge. Rez Powers Down is a student-run sustainability initiative that promotes saving electricity by minimizing usage during a set period of time. Half of the utility bill savings are returned to the winning residence for the students to use however they see fit. Over the years, participating residences have saved hundreds of thousands of kWh of energy and thousands of dollars.

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Western's Green Office Program

A Story About Education & Awareness

Map for Western's Green Office Program
Written by Western University 6 years ago

Western’s Green Office Program was originally inspired by the Green Office Program at Harvard University. It is a voluntary and self-reporting tool for offices to gauge their sustainability efforts. This program allows offices to identify areas for improvement and to recognize progressive offices in sustainability.

Rankings are given according to the overall percentage scored on a questionnaire indicating green practices.

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Western's Energy Dashboard

A Story About Education & Awareness

Map for Western's Energy Dashboard
Written by Western University 6 years ago

Western's Environmental System team created an online Energy Dashboard that allows for real time monitoring of energy use on campus. Once visitors open the dashboard, the easy to use map layout means a quick click gains full access and an up-close look at a building’s electricity use (as well as water and steam in some cases). The historical data is sortable in a number of ways, including tracking data for the day, week, month and year as well as various comparison options.

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