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Century green

A Story About Home Improvements

Scott Orme's picture
Written by Scott Orme 2 years ago

We moved into a house built in 1891, it had a full reno about 15 years ago so it’s much more efficient than when it was first built. Since we moved in we have done the following to improve our footprint:
- high efficiency furnace
- R50 attic insulation
- replaced an old garden door with a brand new one
- replaced the biggest window in the house with a triple-paned fixed window
- rain barrel that we use to water all our plants as well as occasionally wash our car with
- installed an electric car charger in the garage for our EV

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A Story About Green Purchasing

Map for Changemaker
Caterina Traini's picture
Written by Caterina Traini 2 years ago

In my experience, I’ve noticed that walking, biking and using public transportation to get around the city really has made a positive impact on the environment and in how I feel physically and emotionally . I also use cloth bags when shopping locally and subscribe to a CSA box from a farm in the County. Our house drinks water that’s not bottled and has eliminated paper towels, plastic lunch bags and even composts organic waste from the kitchen . Our home has energy efficient lighting and appliances. By collecting rain water, I minimize the use of fresh water on the garden and lawn.

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A Story About Reducing Waste

Diane Haggerty's picture
Written by Diane Haggerty 2 years ago

I have lived in my home for 34 years. I've increased the insulation, installed new windows, installed a high-efficiency furnace. I've composted for almost all of the time that I've lived here. I don't wash my car and let soap go into the sewer. I recycle everything, and use compostable bags for the stuff that can't be recycled. Our thermostat is set low in the winter (sweaters and blankets are required) and in the summer the windows are open most of the time. We don't have a lawn. We have flowers, trees and fruit bushes, all completely organic.

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Move from Singapore to London Ontario

A Story About Reducing Waste

Map for Move from Singapore to London Ontario
Written by DTerner 2 years ago

Hi. We moved to London, Ontario from Singapore last August, with our 2 daughters. From an island of rampant unchecked consumerism to Ontario was the move we desired for our whole family, so we set on courses of action to reduce our carbon footprint and become more "eco-friendly". My wife got a composter, and she composts all the organic waste we used to throw out. I stopped buying Gatorade in plastic bottles (I used to buy them by the case) and now use the Gatorade powder, and recycle the tins. We planted a pollinator-friendly garden and had tons of bees and butterflies.

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Southcrest Village Forest

A Story About Low-impact Landscaping

Map for Southcrest Village Forest
Raymond Gerald David-Theodore's picture
Written by Raymond Gerald David-Theodore 2 years ago

There is a little forest behind my apartment buildings, sort of behind the old Brick Street School on Topping Lane and I have been cleaning up illegal dumping for the past eight months. I've also laid down paths through it and provided garbage receptacles. It's quite a nice little area.

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Small Changes Add Up to a Big Difference

A Story About Low-impact Landscaping

Map for Small Changes Add Up to a Big Difference
Cindy Cor's picture
Written by Cindy Cor 2 years ago

I'm a huge fan of active transportation - biking or walking virtually everywhere. My husband and I got ourselves a smart thermostat, replaced incandescent bulbs with led lights, ensured we got Energy Star appliances when we needed new ones, and energy efficient windows.
We recycle and compost, minimizing water hungry grass in the yard and replacing it with low water native species, which also attract pollinators.

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What I do to be GREEN?

A Story About Green Purchasing

Megan Ayinde's picture
Written by Megan Ayinde 2 years ago

Bike to work, compost, recycle, stopped using plastic wrap, stop using straws and bought a reusable straw, take my own bags to the grocery store, don't turn up heat too high in the winter or air conditioning too low in summer. Declutter and take to my local Salvation Army for reuse. Take short showers. Do not buy bottled water

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A Five Person Commitment

A Story About Education & Awareness

Map for A Five Person Commitment
Ashley Lees's picture
Written by Ashley Lees 2 years ago

Our city green story... we educate our kids on their impact on the environment and how even little tings can add up when they become habit rather than exception.

Using our public library - how we share resources rather than everyone purchasing separately.

Bringing reusable waterbottles everywhere! Canadas Wonderland and Disney World included - free refills of water and ice all day! No wasted cups.

Bringing recyclables home with us if where we are does not look like a true recycler. Ie those bins at fast food joints we have seen emptied into garbage.

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Living off the Land

A Story About Gardening

Map for Living off the Land
Mallory Austin's picture
Written by Mallory Austin 2 years ago

We bought our first house in Old South last winter. Neither of us have had a yard before and were excited to try out a little bit of vegetable gardening... with no expectations!

Little did we know that digging up a small 12x6 patch of grass and planting a bunch of seeds from the library would keep us in fresh produce for the whole summer!

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My Cloth Diapering Journey.

A Story About Green Purchasing

Map for My Cloth Diapering Journey.
Chelsea Delorian's picture
Written by Chelsea Delorian 2 years ago

In January 2018 , I switched to using cloth diapers for my son who is 8 months old, this has made a significant reduction in my curbside garbage.
I am very happy to have discovered the cloth diapering community in London. There are both local groups for buying and selling and also brand specific groups to learn about wash routine and any other support needed. I try to share my cloth diapering passion with everyone! I also do home daycare and I welcome cloth diapering families.

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