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My Cloth Diaper Journey.

A Story About Green Purchasing

Chelsea Delorian's picture
Written by Chelsea Delorian 2 years ago

In January 2018 , I switched to using cloth diapers for my son who is 8 months old. This has made a significant reduction in my curbside garbage. I am very happy to have discovered the cloth diapering community in London. I try to share my experience to anyone interested who wants to hear. I also do home daycare and I welcome cloth diapering families, which is not common.
I can submit a photo through email if requested


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Just a Bit Greener

A Story About Building Improvements

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Nancy Loucks-McSloy's picture
Written by Nancy Loucks-McSloy 2 years ago

Growing up on a farm in the 50's/60's we composted before we even knew what the word meant. I still compost and hope to get a digester.

We have gone totally to LED lights & our motion sensor lights that are being installed outside this week are solar & use power bars.

Our house is old so we have replaced windows, doors and added insulation and replaced our furnace with an energy efficient one. Slowly appliances and small appliances are being replaced with energy efficient. We adhere to the low hydro hours

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Gone Green with A Bang! And Plants All over!

A Story About Reducing Waste

Map for Gone Green with A Bang! And Plants All over!
Written by Psychbill 2 years ago

T12 ballasts have been changed to T8's & bulbs are LED. Hot water tank is tankless & the first draw of water is for auto shutoff coffee machine. Electronics are plugged into power bars. Car has big basket of reusable bags. We have rain barrel for outdoor plants. We have 3 compost bins that, when emptied is utilized in our garden to replenish the soil. Some of our items are bought in bulk & stored in canning jars. Our thermostat is set for 23C summer & 20C or 18C for winter esp at night. We have an umbrella clothes line along with stand used all four seasons.

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A Story About Gardening

Map for Conservers
Written by MaryLou 2 years ago

We have been conserving water by using 3 rain barrels,, to water our vegetable and flower gardens. We also compost most of our refuse. We have a minimum of garbage on our pickup days because of this.

During the summer we hang our clothes outside to dry. Therefore saving on our electric bill as well. Also helps with the water consumption.

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"Chain of Smiles" uses recycled materials to bring smiles

A Story About Reducing Waste

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Written by Chain of Smiles 2 years ago

"Chain of Smiles" brings joy to many people while recycling unwanted items. I started this project in 2011. Since then, "Chain of Smiles" has given out over 7000 encouragement cards and gifts to nursing home residents, sick folk, shut-ins.... anyone who can use a little TLC.

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Different Ways to Have a Greener Commute

A Story About Biking

Written by Kelsey Nicholls 2 years ago

As Londoners, we have a really hard time cutting our vehicle emissions. Coming from a smaller northern city, I was excited to even have the option to bike to work! Once I started, I soon realized that there are SO many benefits to biking, like a great excuse for not going to the gym, and how serene it is to ride along the river. I realized the immediate impact of car exhaust on cyclists and pedestrians. I got a new job and could no longer bike to work, which had a profound impact on me. I actually moved closer to work to reduce my commute and to be in a more walkable area.

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Recycling Matters

A Story About Reducing Waste

Map for Recycling Matters
Written by The Douglas Family 2 years ago

We are a family of 4 and are proud to only have 1/2 of a green garbage bag of waste on garbage day.

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New Home, New Outlook

A Story About Reducing Waste

Map for New Home, New Outlook
Written by 2 years ago

I just bought a new home. While I was fully aware of my water, garbage, and hydro habits when I was living at home, I didn't pay the bills so I kind of just used it all. I took long showers, left lights on, and tended not to recycle. Now that I own a home, I completely recognize the error of my ways. Saving money is a great impetus towards better environmental practices. So, now I recycle constantly, use energy in off-peak hours, and take shorter showers (well, that one I'm still working on). All in all, I'm on my way to being better.

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Less paper and ******* waste

A Story About Reducing Waste

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Written by 1HJSH1 2 years ago

In the last year, we have made a concerted effort to use less paper and plastic waste. We have purchased a a set of silicone food covers and a Norwex envirocloth to use with our reusable lettuce bag instead of paper towels. We have purchased beeswax reusable food wraps to use alongside our reusable snack bag instead of buying plastic wrap and bags. We reuse water bottles. To clean, we use Enjo products as much as possible. We are a composting household. We must be kinder to the environment.

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Don't Throw It Away...

A Story About Reducing Waste

Written by Pup2009 2 years ago

Recycling is important to me and my family.We are careful to purchase our groceries in recyclable packaging,to ensure less garbage on the curb!We use re-usable cloth bags,or no bags at all.Monthly donations of our used clothing and housewares are made to the Diabetes Association.Our car is used only when necessary.We walk whenever possible.During the winter months,we keep our thermastat low,and just put on an extra sweater.

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