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A Story About Walking

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Cam Reeves's picture
Written by Cam Reeves 1 year ago

Living in old south, two out of the three people that live in my house both walk to work downtown instead of driving or public transit. We have also changed out every light bulb in the house to led. In the summer we have kept our temperature at 23 during the day and 24 at night, now during the colder months we heat to 21.5 during the day when we are home and drop it to 19 at night thanks to a programable thermostat.

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Let the sun shine in

A Story About Reducing Waste

Written by Tara Urbach 1 year ago

I put light filtering blinds behind the drapes in our bedrooms, so natural light wouldn’t have to compromise privacy. No need to waste electricity.

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Litterless lunch

A Story About Reducing Waste

Michelle Richardson- Mather's picture
Written by Michelle Richardson- Mather 1 year ago

My children take reusable containers / reuseable water bottles and reusable snack bags with snacks to school in their lunch bags to save on the amount of litter we produce

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Doing what I can, and trying to get tech to make it easier!

A Story About Building Improvements

Map for Doing what I can, and trying to get tech to make it easier!
Paul Graham's picture
Written by Paul Graham 1 year ago

I swapped all the bulbs in the house with LEDs - years ago, have, and use a programmable thermostat with the temperatures on the edge of the comfort scale hyper-insulated the attic, recover rain-water for use in the garden, never water the grass, turn stuff off all of the time, and still can't afford my hydro bill!

Oh, and we got an electric car, using free charging wherever possible. At least that's cheaper than gas.

So, I'm going solar.

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Bulbs and compost

A Story About Reducing Waste

Map for Bulbs and compost
June Carson's picture
Written by June Carson 1 year ago

We are using 2 back yard composters to reduce the amount of organic waste going to landfill. Helps to fertilize the gardens during the year.
Recently we have purchased several LED light bulbs to reduce energy waste in our home.

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Windows !!

A Story About Education & Awareness

Nancy Abernethy's picture
Written by Nancy Abernethy 1 year ago

In an effort to save on heating costs , I find it very worthwile to be sure all windows are properly sealed with weather stripping during cold weather months . There are a wide variety of products available at local hardware stores for this purpose. Also , heavy and multiple layer window coverings help keep the house draft free .

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Better for the future

A Story About Building Improvements

Map for Better for the future
Marty Chrn's picture
Written by Marty Chrn 1 year ago

To reduce our energy intake we decided to decrease the heat or a/c when we aren't in the house, he switched the light bulbs everywhere in the house for energy efficient and when we leave the house for more than 24 hours we make sure to unplug all major appliances.

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How to reduce my energy

A Story About Education & Awareness

Map for How to reduce my energy
Written by Jungeun Han 1 year ago

- Always turn off the lights when going out.
- Unplug computers and any other electronic device to prevent power waste.
- Try to put less food in the refrigerator and make adequate space that cold air can flow.

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Cooking up Energy Savings

A Story About Home Improvements

Map for Cooking up Energy Savings
Nancy Loucks-McSloy's picture
Written by Nancy Loucks-McSloy 1 year ago

Besides being a frugal grocery shopper, I have become a frugal cooker. The crock pot is used much more often than the oven. According to statistics an oven costs around .20 cents an hour, while a crock pot is about .10 cents for 7 hours..

Any baking that is done is during the energy saving hours, thus the oven is seldom on during the day.

Potatoes are cooked in the bottom pot and the veggies are cooked in steamers on top of the potato pot. Thus we are using 1 burner as compared to 2 or 3.

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Turn it off

A Story About Renewable Energy

Map for Turn it off
Pat Robertson's picture
Written by Pat Robertson 1 year ago

We have begun to unplug items we don’t always use and turn off our monitors and printers when not using them. We are more aware of the lights we are using and opting to use the dimmer lights vs other lights to reduce energy consumption.

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